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  • How do I receive my order?
    We provide three pickup points to make things easier for our customers. Burlington pickup location (1200 Brant St. Burlington, ON): This location is perfect for anyone coming from Burlington, Hamilton, or Stoney Creek Oakville pickup location (2501 Third Line. Oakville, ON): This location is perfect for anyone coming from Oakville, or Mississauga Milton pickup location (1015 Bronte St. S. Milton, ON): This location is perfect for anyone coming from Milton, or Mississauga
  • Do you deliver or use delivery services from third-parties?
    At this time, we do not offer any type of delivery services of our products. We are exploring the delivery option in the near term through third party delivery services. We value your feedback on this topic at
  • Do you ship your products within Canada?
    We are currently exploring shipping select low-risk baked goods within Canada. Keep looking for when this happens. We value your feedback on this topic at
  • How long does it take to get my order?
    Because every single order is custom made with care for quality and taste, it takes 1-2 days to prepare. If for any reason you need an order sooner (i.e. traveling, event...etc) we sometime have the capacity of speeding the process but it all depends on the volume of orders at the time. Please feel free to call or email for any special requests
  • What is the best way to order?
    We offer multiple ways of ordering: 1) Order online at 2) Order by phone at +1 (647) 411-5828 3) Order by Whatsapp at +1 (647) 411-5828 4) Order thru Instagram at
  • Do you ship your products to USA?
    We are exploring shipping select low-risk products to USA. We will be placing a minimum order of C$ 250 for this option. If this is something you would like to explore, please reach out at
  • How can I pay for my order
    We accept all form of payments whether in advance at the time of placing the order online or at the time of pickup/receipt of order We take secure credit card payments online through We also can take cash or credit card payments upon pickup through our phone terminal We also accept e-transfer at (e-transfer must be sent and deposited before order pickup)
  • Can I order less than 1Kg Mammoul or less than 12 Pieces of Fancy Minis?
    At this time, because of the ingredients required to make those items, the minimum order is as stated in the ordering pages. Our products are perfect for sharing with friends and family, so buy more and share the love :)
  • How should I store your products?
    All of our cookies (Mammoul) has to be stored in dry , cool room or in the fridge. All cakes and "fancy minis" has to be refrigerated all the time until serving.
  • Do you have any dairy-free desserts?
    No. All of our desserts contain dairy or dairy products.
  • Do you have a gluten-free products?
    No. We don't make or carry any gluten free products.
  • Is your bakery nut-free?
    Some of the flavors we offer contain products such as peanuts or tree nuts that are consistently present in our bakery. In addition, some of our ingredients are manufactured in plants that process nuts.
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