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About Noga

Najla, also known as Noga, graduated with honor from Bio-Chemistry, and soon after started a shinning career in Financial Services and Banking where she climbed the ladder to leadership very quickly. But that was always something beside her true passion. Gastronomy!

For Noga, the chemistry of mixing ingredients to create exquisite taste with memorable smiles was what she was naturally good at and what she loved and enjoyed doing. And the experience of hearing the "WOW" and "YUMMMY" from those who tastes her creations was more satisfying than any other career trails.

With all of her friends and family nagging "your creations are too good to not let the whole world try them,"  she decided to pursue her dreams by starting NOGA'S FACTORY, where the best Mammoul and Petit Fours are made!

Noga makes one promise to everyone: Every order will be created with passion, quality and a taste you will always remember and want to experience over and over again.

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